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Mtf ftM Trans Community

Dirt's Trans Community

Truth and Trannyism
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The Primary focus of this community is to dismantle current trans, Mtf and ftM ideology
Trans/trannyism? Ever wondered the truth behind being "born in the wrong body"? Is it possible to be "born in the wrong body"? Ever questioned whether YOU were "born in the wrong body"? Has body/gender dysphoria put you on the road to an unsure possibility of transitioning? Have you ever asked yourself "should I transition"? Ever felt unsure about your transitioning? Is transitioning right for you or a loved one?

If these questions have ever made themselves known to you or a loved one, then this is the community may be for you. Through clear precise examples taken from various trans communities, trans sites and trans theorists this community will regularly dismantle currently held beliefs and theories made both by the trans community and the medical establishment that informs them and you.

For now this will be an open community and bannings will be held (hopefully) to a minimum. Keep in mind OCD is often an accompanied disorder of trannysim and banning may be a choice in order to maintain a reasonable sensibility.

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