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Molly glared at her reflection , wanting to shatter the mirror that showed the body she hated .

She was born damian and is a trans girl who hasn't come out yet .

As molly grabbed something to cover the mirror , she suddenly heard crying from the room next to hers.

She was worried the second she heard it because her partner jon was in that room .

Molly went there and when she went in , she saw her beast friend crying in front of a mirror .

" Are you alright "? She asked worried .

He just nodded no and that just made her ask " what's wrong "?

Molly then noticed that the mirror was broken and the hair brush in her friends hand .

" And does it have anything to do with why your mirror is broken and why you were crying "?

When jon didn't answer , molly got closer and noticed the smudged silver eyeshadow , the running black mascara , smeared light pink lipgloss and the lavender dress that was unflattering on her friends frame .

She sat in front of him and said " please answer me , your starting to scare me ".

Jon finally answered with " I can't , you'll only think I'm a freak " in a voice that showed how long he was crying .

Molly simply looked at him , worried and said " why would I think you're a freak "?

Jon couldn't even look at her as he said " I'm a trans girl ".

Molly simply looked at her with a relived look and " that's why ? , I don't think you're a freak ".

The other girl looked up and said " you don't "?

Molly took a deep breath and said " I'm a trans girl as well ".

She looked at molly , happy that wasn't the only trans heroine .

Molly then asked " do have a different name "?

" Mia , do you "? Mia asked .

Molly replied with " yes I do , it's molly ".

Molly then looked at Mia's hands and said " you didn't get hurt breaking that mirror and why "?

" No I didn't and because I hated my reflection ". Mia replied .

Molly then used the towel she was going to cover her own mirror and made sure it was no longer reflective .

Mia got up and started using a rag to remove her makeup .

Molly grabbed it from her and said " please don't use this , it won't work. I'll be right back ".

She returned with a bag of makeup wipes and removed the ruined makeup from mias face .

" Thank you molly ". Mia said.

" Your welcome Mia ".



another autogynephilic sees

Autogynophilic HBS/TS BS

A couple of fair use caps from two different HBSers.

HBS-TS's is a group of predominantly autogynophilic (hetero) males trying to legitimate their trans condition by co-opting intersex language including the "intersexed" term itself!

Because TGism historically and currently is intimately tied to Harry Benjamin and the Standards of Care Benjamin established to (in his mind) verify the "true transexual" from the "fake", this particular trans group co-opted Benjamin's name calling their brand of the "intersexed" condition a product of the Harry Benjamin Syndrome aka HBS. However Harry Benjamin and his Standards of Care (known now as WPATH http://www.wpath.org/ ) does NOT endorse this brand (trans=intersexed) of GID theory.

There literally isnt a single original idea/notion regarding TGims that sprang from a trans mind that has not been co-opted from somewhere else, and that somewhere else usually being a minority/minority group. I believe this is partly due to the severity of their mental disorder/s and partly due to (white)(hetero) male privilege which reigns supreme over all trans communities. (and when I say male, I mean male, NOT disordered women on T)......



I miss being pre-op


The four words that hulk rotundly in the back of every single TG person's mind yet which rarely see the light of
day for various fears is: I MADE A MISTAKE!


ftM women KNOW Femme/Butch!

As a Butch myself and a Butch whose has lettered in Femme/Butch (umm no that doesnt mean I understand Femmes), wtf is this woman talking about??? This ftM woman obviously is completely ignorant about just what occurs within the fabric of femme/butch "courtship" or anything else femme/butch related.

Yet it doesnt stop her from ignorantly ascribing the same banal heteropatriarchal nonsense that has beset Femme/Butch for the last 5000 years, all the while occupying the gay and lesbian community! Yet coming from an ftM woman I am not surprised nor shocked. This is precisely why this woman has developed a mental disorder. She has completely internalized masculine equals male and feminine equals female to the point of pathology. Like most heterocentrics she cannot comprehend female masculinity nor Femme lesbianism. Therefore she ignorantly interprets Femme/Butch AS female/male(hetero).

But while this garbage is passing as "fact", there are those out there that are shocked and angered that some members of the lesbian community are choosing to reclaim radical lesbianism and remove ourselves from the quagmire of the queer theoried alphabet soup that the lesbian community is currently drowning in!

The winds of change are blowing and the leaves of the NRLFF are taking flight!


How interesting! ftM women occupying lesbian space all the while furthering their disorder and the disorder of others with YOUR tax dollars. And these "others" (Mtfers) then turn around and firmly plant themselves in lesbian identities and spaces!!! It is a sick twisted vicious cycle aimed at the eradication of the only singly true threat to all patriarchal regimes: LESBIANS!!!

The trans community with its legion of guises continue to divide and conquer the lesbian community with its patriarchal prescribed "look here and not there" slight of hand. With half the lesbian community oohing and aahing while the trans community and trans apologist pull one houdini stunt after another, and have the rest of the lesbian community unaware of what has taken place before their very eyes!!!

The trans community and its supporters would like lesbians to believe things are different, that they are different. That the clear cuttedness of male oppression towards women and especially lesbians has nothing to do with them, they're on our side. As a member of the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front-NRLFF I am here to tell lesbians, things are exactly as clear cut as they have ALWAYS been!

It makes no difference whether it is MALE, MALE-to-female or female-to-MALE, ask yourselves lesbians, what do all three of these things have in common??? Then ask yourselves where does MALE fit in with lesbians and lesbian spaces!!!

We will not be silent!