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Mtf and back again?????HUH????


Trannifying "back" is one of the dirty little demented secrets kept in a dark corner or completely swept under the rug by BOTH the "trans" community AND the medical establishment!

Neither wish to publically acknowledge just how many who have been trannified come to their senses and transition back, nor the permanent physical and psychological ramifications of doing so.

Like many areas of trannyism, the medical establishment chooses to keep studies few and far between least such studies reflect to the general public exactly how disturbed most "treated" for trannyism are. The general public would likely (lets hope) call into question the current practices held by the medical establishment and the pockets of various doctors/hospitals just might become a little less deep!

One really has to wonder where the line will be drawn regarding the medical establishment and the tranny-train. Next stop Hadamar???


Please HELP - pass this on!

"Cyber-bullying: The Effects on Transgender Victims" is a research study about how the presence of social support relates to depression and life satisfaction levels in transgender victims of cyber-bullying.

Are you at least 18 years old?
Are you a member of the transgender community?
Have you ever been harassed on the Internet?
Do you want to help contribute to psychological research of transgendered people?

Copy/paste this link to participate in the study.


It will require no identifying information from its participants and will take approximately 25 minutes of your time.

Thank you!

The study needs a larger number of participants sooner rather than later - thanks for your time!


Breast Mutilation-a Butches Misogyny

This has become an all too familiar thread occupying butch/femme sites everywhere.

Butch/Femme sites across the net have become so heterocentric/malecentric that any woman with even the slightest bit of masculinity is automatically relegated to a male/male pronoun status. These current butch/femme sites are either ran or dominated by disturbed angry straight women who freely use their straight privilege to reign supreme over any butch/femme lesbian on the site....



Mich Fest Shuttle Van

Non masculine(butch)female